Top 5 Masochistic Games That Makes You Rethink Your Life Choices

By Nicolas See Tho on Sep 6, 2017

The title says it all. That are some games that feed on our sadistic nature or perhaps the other way around. Some games we love can sometimes be so horrifically difficult that once in a while we question our life choices, yet once we survive the tribulations the game offers, we can only feel a sense of admiration and achievement.


EVE Online

This simulator sci-fi space adventure is everything that a sadist could ask for. The game starts off by pitching new players into the deep horrors of space, and the only thing one can do to survive is to find a kindly Company/Guild that will guide you the ways of EVE.

The most punishing thing for EVE Online is the time and money invested in acquiring ships. The emphasis on survival is such that there is an insurance system in place in order to give players aid when their ship is blown up, but while you may recover your lost funds, you won’t be able to recover your lost time. Once you rise in ranks, ships get harder and longer to produce and constructing these ships may range from weeks to months in the real world.

XCOM Series

War is brutal. In the XCOM series, it is merciless. The key to a successful commander is to be devoid of emotions. Each soldier is a precious resource that has to be molded carefully, alas, it is also a finite depletable resource. Sacrificing them in this game is a form of progress.

And perhaps, the hardest decision to make boils down to the trigger that you need to pull no matter how absurdly close it is.

See, what I mean?

Faster Than Light


Your mission is to unlock more ships and get away from the Federation. Other than that, it’s all about running away, answering distress calls to collect supplies and also apply heavy decision making.

It’s punishingly difficult and yes, it’s Roguelike. Each death restarts your progress as each new start is a different ship. Space is truly a terrifying place.

And when things get dramatically out of control…

Before you know it, you will be questioning the meaning of life faster than light.


Don’t Starve


Whether you are doing it together with your friends or alone, Don’t Starve push any player’s sanity to the limits. Being pitched into a hellish world that you can only survive through scavenging, crafting and understanding the game mechanics.


Climate was harsh, where nothing grows in the Winter and summer heat can kill you as well. To make it simple, everything out there can kill potentially be your doom. But the sense of exploration in this randomly generated world gives you an odd satisfaction, you will always feel relief when you see a bunch of Beefalo in the grasslands.

Running for your puny life
Running for your puny life

Chased by a Tigershark, and i mean what the heck is a TigerShark
Chased by a Tigershark, and i mean what the heck is a TigerShark

Oxygen Not Included


Coming from the makers of Don’t Starve, Oxygen Not Included puts you into a different kind of hell where you must thrive to survive in a deserted rock.

The feeling of getting suffocated by your own worldly devices gives you a new meaning of self suffering
The feeling of getting suffocated by your own worldly devices gives you a new meaning of self suffering

You manage a handful of so called “Duplicants” that will help you build your base. The game is still in early access and will go through multiple updates at the time being. Oxygen Not Included is a management game that punishes you for poor planning and base layout.

The Industrial Revolution done wrong
The Industrial Revolution done wrong

Managing your duplicates can be a pain once you have more than 5. For more in-depth info, we have done a review on the game here.


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