MUSECA and Sound Voltex III : Gravity Wars debuts in Malaysia

By Tetradact on Dec 19, 2015

Two new Konami arcade games have made their Malaysian debut at Comic Fiesta as Konami, in partnership with Exit Tunes, have brought over Museca and Sound Voltex III: Gravity Wars to the event.

Both games are part of the Bemani series of rhythm games. Bemani is the name of Konami's music game division which are responsible for other rhythm gaming classics like Beatmania, Dance Dance Revolution, Guitarfreaks/Drummania and many more.

Located at the Exit Tunes booth, both machines were greeted with an enthusiastic crowd. Overseeing the game’s trial period at Comic Fiesta is none other than Bemani’s own DJ YOSHITAKA.

After Comic Fiesta, both machines will be transferred over to Cobay Berjaya Times Square for location testing. The location test period will run from 22nd December 2015 until 3rd January 2016.

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